YouGov Pays You £50 For Your Opinion!


Finally, a reputable Paid Survey site that pays out!

YouGov are one of the world’s leading market researcher companies, you’ve probably seen their polls used on news articles, for those in the UK think General Election, Scottish Referendum, Brexit Referendum etc.

So that’s the blurb, how does it work?

For every survey you take, you accumulate points (usually around the 200 for each survey taken). These can later be redeemed for either a £50 payment upon reaching 5000 points.  I usually do my surveys whilst watching the evening news, that’s when I feel most opinionated!

You can also enter into the monthly prize draw to have a chance of winning of cash prizes!

The prize draw plan looks like this…

1 x First prize of £2,000 cash
2 x Second place prizes of £1,000 cash
2 x Third place prizes of £500 cash
20 x Fourth place prizes of 2,000 points in your YouGov account
50 x Fifth place prizes of 1,500 points in your YouGov account
100 x Sixth place prizes of 1000 points in your YouGov account
150 x Seventh place prizes of 500 points in your YouGov account
200 x Eight place prizes of 300 points in your YouGov account

Prize winners are published on the YouGov site each month.

In my own experience, YouGov email me 3-4 10 minute surveys each week, so that works out roughly 800 point per week totaling  41,600 points per year. Remember for every 5000 points accumulated they pay out £50. So for me, this equates to roughly 8 payments of £50 annually, or in other words £400 a year for sitting on the internet for 10 minutes every day! Easy money!

Join YouGov here

Here’s the bit affiliate marketers love…

Can’t be bothered taking the surveys? No Probs

Refer a Friend and rake in a sweet passive income

Earn extra points by referring your friends to take YouGov surveys!

You’ll receive a special URL link for you to share with whoever you choose. When they use that link to join YouGov, we’ll know you sent them. Once they take 6 surveys, you will receive 250 bonus points!

For each new Member that signs up via your referral link and completes at least five surveys (excluding the initial profile survey), you will receive 200 points in survey credit.


Sign up today, take surveys, earn points, get entered into cash prize draws, refer friends, earn more points, cash point in!  Simple!


So is it worth doing. Well yes, I think so. OK, it’s never going to make you rich but if you like multiple streams of income (let’s face it who doesn’t like making money?) then add this one into your portfolio.

Even if you don’t like taking surveys, the affiliate referral link can be lucrative if you know how to share it properly.

Like the sound of it? Feel free to Join YouGov via my referral link.. here!

Let me know how you get on…





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