Top UK MLM & Home Based businesses for 2016


MLM; love it or hate it. It’s still a viable business opportunity for those willing to dig deep for the opportunities.

This is a current 2016 list of some of the Home Based business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities available to residents in the UK.

I have not reviewed each business opportunity, and neither have I included any affiliate marketing links. Why? Firstly,  I am not affiliated to any of the companies listed; I just wanted to show those seeking a new opportunity what is currently available for the UK market. Secondly, I wanted to give you the reader, a chance to share your experiences (positive or negative) with these companies. So please, leave feedback!

If I’ve missed any MLM’s out that you think are worthy of a mention, leave me a message in the comments section.

In no particular order…

1) Avon  – Cosmetics – To join is £16 which is split over 2 campaigns (i.e. £10 from your first order and £6 from your second order).

2) Wikaniko -Green Cleaning Products –  Set up fee of £24.95 and a monthly website cost of £4.95

3) Herbalife – Health – Joining fee £37

4)The Utility Warehouse – Gas/phone/electric – Joining fee £100

5) Ann Summers Party Ambassador – Adult – Start kit £49

6) Younique – Beauty Products – Presenter kit £69

7) Arbonne – Cosmetics – Registration £17/ £11 renewals, 12 month term

8) The Pampered Chef – Kitchenware – Starter kit £110

9) Tupperware – Kitchenware – Joining fee £120

10) Phoenix Trading – Cards & Gift Wrap – Joining fee £35-£75

11) Body By VI Challenge – Health – 3 tier joining fee  £39 / £349/ £779

12) Kleeneze – Cleaning – Joining fee £149.97

14) Body Shop at Home – Beauty products – Start from £45

15)Nu Skin – Cosmetics – Joining fee £21.36

16) Jeunnesse Global – Beauty products – Start £

Your Feedback wanted!


8 thoughts on “Top UK MLM & Home Based businesses for 2016

  1. youniquebydking says:

    Thanks for the Younique shout-out! Younique has a great compensation plan and if anyone is interested in learning more about it, please feel free to contact me or check out


  2. youniquebydking says:

    I know Younique presenters get a bad rap for being pushy and scammy but honestly I have found the exact opposite since I joined a year ago. I was a kit-napper, someone who bought the presenter kit for the products without any intention of building a business out of it. I found the products to be high quality, comparable to what you find for Mac and Sephora brand products. In fact, my tween-aged daughter is one of the reasons why I decided to invest into Younique. I wanted products that are safe and naturally based for her and that didn’t cause her hormonal skin to break out. And since then, we both use Younique products primarily. Beyond that, since joining Younique, I have made friends with some amazing, inspiring women. Younique’s motto is to uplift, empower and validate and it is so true. The confidence I have gained within myself over the last year is incredible. I was always the one who hid behind the camera, never wanting to be the center of attention and perfectly content with being a wallflower. And now, I feel confident with myself. And as a mother of a tween, it is important to show your children that you love yourself and you are happy with the person you have become. And that’s the type of person I want my daughter to be. So, sorry, it’s a little long winded but I didn’t want to give just a generic reason(s) but really wanted to share what I like about Younique. 💜


  3. Cat Daniels (@chicageolita) says:

    I am absolutely loving my experience as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. In addition to switching my household skincare/hair care, beauty, health and wellness spending to healthy products that are phenomenal, the personal growth is transformational (like the earlier commenter mentioned). And that empowerment quickly translates to whole household, as children are always watching and learning. =) I’d love to share my experiences with you @


  4. julie guiney says:

    Just to let you know there is a new company, Life Vantage, who have just launched their product in the UK called Protandim. This supplement is an Nrf2 activator that turns on enzymes in your body to lower oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days. It is scientifically backed, 17 peer reviewed studies & 6 patents. If you would like to know more send me an email.


  5. Jacqueline hodges says:

    I think your info is a bit out of date. Pampered Chef ceased trading in the UK on 1st January 2016? Also Avon Representatives are sharing your article as you saying Avon are the No1 MLM to join as you listed them first which I’m not sure was what you were saying!
    For anybody interesting in joining an ethical MLM visit
    £99 to join representing a premium haircare brand x


  6. myexpressioninwords says:

    I know this one is not among your reviewed ones, but I have recently joined Total Life Changes as a consultant. My enroller number is 7611531. Products are great and commission is 50%, and your earn for 2nd,3rd genologies.


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