Get Focused! How to Set & Achieve Any Goal You Want!

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some mental blocks. It was if I’d hit a wall, and I just couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. Somewhere along the way, I took my eye of my focus, hit a couple of failures. I was spiraling into self-doubt and becoming demotivated! Drastic action was needed!

I decided to go back to basics. I started a morning ritual of listening to motivation material. Redressing some of the great motivational and inspiration speakers; Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Esther Hicks, I was even listening to Oprah! (yikes!)

Then I found this video by John Assaraf. You may have watched John in Rhonda Byrnes film “The Secret”, he was the guy with the vision board.

I found John’s video to be a very useful tool, and it has helped me get back on track! I’d fallen foul of some limiting self- beliefs, and a few bad habits were starting to form around them! Yeah, I know it’s text book stuff. I was so busy working on my strategies and goals, that I’d let my basic mental house-keeping slip. A lesson for all of us: It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey towards you goals, every now and then we need to return to the basics.

I hope you too will find some value in John Assaraf’s videos.

Watch this clip and learn:

-How to attract the right people, money, resources and everything else you will need to achieve every goal you have

-Three Fundamental mistakes most people make when setting their goals and how to avoid them

-Why the biggest goals you have are still way too small

Click here to see Part 2 –


How do you get motivated? Feel free to share your tips and advice…


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