Top 26 UK MLM & Home Based Business Opportunites for 2015

UK MLM & home Based Business Opportunities 2015

UK MLM & home Based Business Opportunities 2015

This is a current list of Home Based business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities available to residents in the UK. As you can see, I can not reviewed each business opportunity and neither have I included any affiliate marketing links. Partly because I am not affiliated to any of the companies but primarily I just wanted to show those seeking a new opportunity what is currently available in the UK.

Home based businesses and MLM, are by no means get rich quick schemes. They are legitimate businesses that require hard work, focus and determination. The sad truth is the majority of people will fail at this opportunities. However, if you think you have the drive to crack sales and successfully lead a team, the benefits of MLM can be very lucrative indeed!

My advise to you before join any of these home businesses is to do your own research. When you finally settle on a MLM opportunity, make sure you find an good upline to sign-up to. A good sales leader will guide you through the sales process, offering you training and mentorship.

1) Avon  – Cosmetics – Joining fee £16

2) Wikaniko -Green Cleaning Products –  Joining fee £12.95

3) Herbalife – Health – Joining fee £37

4)The Utility Warehouse – Gas/phone/electric – Joining fee £100

5) Ann Summers – Adult – Joining fee TBA

6) Magnetix Wellness – Jewellry – Joining fee Free

7) Mannatech – Health & Wellness – Joining fee £185

8) Captain Tortue Group – Clothing – Joining fee £250

9) JM Ocean Avenue – Gel – Joining fee Free

10) Arbonne – Cosmetics – Joining fee £54

11) The Pampered Chef – Kitchenware – Joining fee £70

12) Oriflame – Cosmetics – Joining fee Free

13) Kleeneze – Cleaning – Joining fee £149.97

14) It Works! – Skin care – Joining fee

15) Mona Vie – Health – Joining fee TBA

16) Phoenix Trading – Cards & Gift Wrap – Joining fee £75- £200

17) Tupperware – Kitchenware – Joining fee £99

18) FG Xpress – Power Strips – Joining fee Free

19) Forever Living Products – Health – Joining fee Free

20) FM Group – Cosmetics – Joining fee Free

21) Jamie At Home – Kitchenware – TBA

22) Nu Skin – Cosmetics – Joining fee £21.36

23) PartyLite – Home Living – Joining fee TBA

24) Body By VI Challenge – Health – Joining fee TBA

25) Organo Gold – Coffee – Joining fee TBA

26) Team Ionic – Health – Joining fee TBA

Your Feedback wanted!

Do you belong to any of these companies? Have you had negative or positives experiences? If so, please leave a comment, I’d love to to hear your experiences!


44 thoughts on “Top 26 UK MLM & Home Based Business Opportunites for 2015

  1. Stem Tech UK says:

    Stem tech UK are looking for distributors who wish to run their own business selling StemTech. If you or someone you know who works in the health and fitness industry want to earn a serious extra income as well as building their own distributor fleet, please contact us on This is a new opportunity in the UK which is becoming wider known each day. 2015 is the time to jump in and be at the top. Best wishes.

    Stem Tech UK

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  2. AMcK says:

    II deliberated on creating the links. However, I’m more than happy for any affiliates of these MLM’s to leave a direct link to their own sign up.


  3. chriskimera says:

    To be honest, I think utility warehouse is the best network marketing opportunity in the UK. With it rising to 13th largest network marketing company according to many rankings.

    They have subsidised their joining fee this month to £50! Which can be made back by getting just a 3 customers including yourself.

    The fact that people will keep using mobile, gas, electricity, home phone and broadband no matter the day and weather surely makes it a worthwhile investment.

    Request a callback before you join, thank you!

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  4. Karen Lambert says:

    I’m with Wikaniko and proud to see us up there. Having tried other MLMs this is definitely the best one for me! Its not overcomplicated, no high targets and gives you loads of different options to run your business! Couldn’t ask for more!

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  5. Paul Smithies says:

    I am a Distributor with Utility Warehouse. They are fantastic to be associated with and give all distributors full training and support, whatever you need, when you need it. You can also get as much help and support as you need from the ever growing army of distributors within the network, even if your don’t know them personally. I was looking at getting involved with MLM for many years but couldn’t find one that excited me for the future, until I saw UW. What it is with this company is that they deal with essential products that people are already using not products that can be classed as ‘luxury’ items. We are growing fast with huge incentives for distributor and customer alike.

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  6. ann says:

    I am an Ann Summers party ambassador and the joining fee is 50pound for a 250pound kit. We have changed the way it works as well, if you don’t want too do parties you don’t have too, You can become a social seller and just FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GUMTREE, friends, family, coworkers etc. No meetings, no figure calls. Interested?? let me know

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  7. Amanda says:

    Forever Living is a brilliant company to work with ….. fantastic products, ethical and generous…. award winning training too. If you would like to join the most successful team in the UK, I would be happy to show you how. Contact me on 0789 9911 636

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  8. Michelle Walsingham says:

    I’ve been with Forever living for just over a year and after having tried several other mlm companies I believe I have found the right one for me with Forever. I have a great belief in the products as they have helped several members of my family improve the health and and just doing a little bit per day has created enough income for me to be a stay at home mum and afford a nice holiday/ days out in the past year! I know Forever won’t suit everyone but if anyone would like more information without a pressured sign up pitch I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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  9. Naomi Mellor says:

    I joined It Works Global 8 months ago, and never regret a moment. I love the corporate culture which emphasises getting out of debt, fun and friendship.
    Their sizzle product – the body firming wrap has transformed mine, and so many of my customers lives, they are finally loving their body again. We’ll never be short of customers because people are always having babies, or developing lines and wrinkles. My decision to join them was the fact that they are completely debt free, they’ve shown exponential growth since they’ve started in the uk 2yrs ago, and it’s always good to get into these things at the start, so it’s a great time to join. I’ve been in other MLM and I’ve never felt their systems were streamlined, or the support and mentorship was lasting. This is totally different. And the comp plan is amazing! I grabbed the $10,000 bonus after just 6 months, and I’m goin for the $30k bonus next month. So the big bucks are totally achievable.

    But my advise for anyone is to find a product you really like, get to know your potential mentor/ sponsor- if you wanna make it big you’ll be working closely with them so make sure you like them! And make sure there’s not a massive outlay at the start with tonnes of samples etc. As you may want to try
    Different companies to see what you enjoy so you don’t wanna be left with loads of stock.

    If anyone wants to chat more they can get me at

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  10. Nathalie Colbourne says:

    I just wanted to add some facts on it works. Although there is a joining fee, you are given products to sell so your in profit straight away. Some even pre sell the products to cover the joining fee making it free.
    I researched so many companies and product niche and quality were very important to me as were company history, strength and beliefs. I am so glad I made the decision to join, it had not been easy but with effort, great team support and amazing products I have achieved my goals.
    Good luck to anyone looking to work from home, make sure you find a great upline and be prepared to work!

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  11. Sophie Jeanes says:

    I’m a Sales Leader for Avon and love my business, I have come so far in the 1st year of running my own business i now have nearly 90 Representative in my team who are supported and trained to be their best… Avon is a company everyone has heard of young or old! This makes it so easy to sell their products, they basically sell themselves.
    I can be contacted if anyone needs more information on becoming an Avon Representative, as below.

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  12. Mary-Anne says:

    Hi I’m a team ambassador with Ann Summers. I am currently recruiting for my team, so if you are interested in earning a good wage doing parties or if you are interested in building your own team please get in touch for more information. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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  13. Phillipa Connolly says:

    Telecom Plus trading as The Utility warehouse is by far the best network marketing opportunity in the UK. With the Which? magazine giving their services regular awards and endorsements. The company has a proven track record with many different incentives for those who consistently recommend their services. They have an incredible compensation plan and rewards for doing a little bit of work often. It easily fits around a busy lifestyle, there is brilliant free training and personal development seminars held on a regular basis and an excellent support network. The great thing about this opportunity is that you have no stock to buy, store or resell, you just need access to the internet to show potential customers the services and the ability to listen.
    The fact that people will keep using mobile, gas, electricity, home phone and broadband no matter the day and weather surely makes it a worthwhile investment.

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  14. Nicky Downs says:

    I work for Ann Summers and have had an amazing journey so far 🙂
    With real money to be made Ann Summers gives back as long as you work hard and potential to promote is within reach
    I love my job 🙂

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  15. combyne says:

    I am a Leader with Utility Warehouse Discount Club and been involved, since when it first started out in 1997 as simply Telecom plus, when we did what it said on the tin. 🙂

    This year the business is undergoing a reposition, which I was discussing with a Sales Trainer, who whilst a customer, has never joined the business as a distributor. When he trains sales people, he always discusses the brand image, so this was relevant.

    So the logo has already been changed, and now says:

    Utility Warehouse – The Discount Club.

    It is subtle, but important change.

    The reposition means we now talk about reducing your weekly and monythly shopping costs, and also reducing your utility bills at home.

    I rather like this new way of describing our business.

    If you need a new logo, please give me a shout?

    Now following your blog.

    Please complete the three boxes at the foot
    of the page for more information.

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  16. Chell Annsummers says:

    I have been working for Ann Summers for quite a few years now I never thought I could make enough money to make it a full time career. Iv been privileged to work for such a great company tbh. Iv been rewarded & recognised along the way & I absolutely love my job, I Do!!! Fancy actually coming to work for a multi award winning team plzzz get in touch I am recruiting in all areas x

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  17. Cida Silva says:

    Ann Summers offer great opportunity, for women to have fun and make money as we do party. We bring the shopping experience to our customers doors, while also providing great fun with party games! If you want more info on how to get into business please email your details to me on :

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  18. Sam Rathling says:

    I have been with the Body by Vi Challenge for 18 months, I have lost 50lbs personally, I have helped thousands of people with their fitness and health goals and have become a six-figure a year earner with Vi. It has changed my life forever, with no previous network marketing experience. I absolutely love the Challenge and we are just getting started in the UK.

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  19. Sue says:

    Wikaniko has one of the fairest compensation plans I’ve seen.
    The products are brilliant and eco friendly. Prices for the products are good too.
    There are several ways to earn with Wikaniko as well which is great.

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  20. Alison says:

    I work for NYR Organic which is a British, family own company and not on the list. They are a very ethical company that use no chemicals or nasties in products work from a purpose designed eco friendly factory and have carbon neutral rating. They are certified by the Soil Association and have the Leaping Bunny sign for no animal cruelty. I love working for a company where I can feel comfortable and guilt free promoting their products. I can’t rate them highly enough on all levels ! 🙂

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  21. Azelle says:

    Thanks everybody for leaving your comments. On this post, I’m more than happy for distributors/sales leaders etc to continue to leave their UK MLM links. I may ask a few of you to do a follow up on the article as the post is now over 6 months old, although still very relevant. If anyone is interested just leave a reply 🙂


  22. combyne says:

    BTW Pampered Chef withdraws from the UK Market 31st December 2015.

    Announced a couple of weeks ago.

    Not good to read, when that happens to another company.


  23. Zoe Wright says:

    I’m an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. This company attracts intelligent, enthusiastic and friendly people. Amazing cosmetic products for everyone and a rewarding compensation plan. Reply to find out more.


  24. Scott Turner says:

    If you live in the UK you absolutely must look at the business Kyani. Kyani is part of the ever growing health and wellness industry and the products have been life changing for many and you now can be part of the Billion Dollar health industry. This is the fastest growing MLM company in the world and changes everything. It is a done for you system which is so easy to follow all from just using your phone. In the last 12 months it has exploded in the USA and in the past 5 months in Australia the success has been phenomenal. The UK has not even scratched the service and is seriously a potential goldmine. With an unrivalled compensation plan and support second to none anyone with some determination can make this work by just following the system. We are looking for leaders in the UK right now to take this to the next level on a ground floor opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to read this please watch the link and see for yourself and we can connect. . Please feel free to research the products the company and the compensation plan. Thanks again Scott


  25. zavinta says:

    I working with the best world company Young Living.
    Young Living inspires,wellness,purpose,and abundance by distilling nature`s greatest gifts into pure essential oils.I am independent distributor of Young Living essential oils.Please visit my website at
    Love essential oils?Please enjoy me!



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