YouGov Pays You £50 For Your Opinion!


Finally, a reputable Paid Survey site that pays out!

YouGov are one of the world’s leading market researcher companies, you’ve probably seen their polls used on news articles, for those in the UK think General Election, Scottish Referendum, Brexit Referendum etc.

So that’s the blurb, how does it work?

For every survey you take, you accumulate points (usually around the 200 for each survey taken). These can later be redeemed for either a £50 payment upon reaching 5000 points.  I usually do my surveys whilst watching the evening news, that’s when I feel most opinionated!

You can also enter into the monthly prize draw to have a chance of winning of cash prizes!

The prize draw plan looks like this…

1 x First prize of £2,000 cash
2 x Second place prizes of £1,000 cash
2 x Third place prizes of £500 cash
20 x Fourth place prizes of 2,000 points in your YouGov account
50 x Fifth place prizes of 1,500 points in your YouGov account
100 x Sixth place prizes of 1000 points in your YouGov account
150 x Seventh place prizes of 500 points in your YouGov account
200 x Eight place prizes of 300 points in your YouGov account

Prize winners are published on the YouGov site each month.

In my own experience, YouGov email me 3-4 10 minute surveys each week, so that works out roughly 800 point per week totaling  41,600 points per year. Remember for every 5000 points accumulated they pay out £50. So for me, this equates to roughly 8 payments of £50 annually, or in other words £400 a year for sitting on the internet for 10 minutes every day! Easy money!

Join YouGov here

Here’s the bit affiliate marketers love…

Can’t be bothered taking the surveys? No Probs

Refer a Friend and rake in a sweet passive income

Earn extra points by referring your friends to take YouGov surveys!

You’ll receive a special URL link for you to share with whoever you choose. When they use that link to join YouGov, we’ll know you sent them. Once they take 6 surveys, you will receive 250 bonus points!

For each new Member that signs up via your referral link and completes at least five surveys (excluding the initial profile survey), you will receive 200 points in survey credit.


Sign up today, take surveys, earn points, get entered into cash prize draws, refer friends, earn more points, cash point in!  Simple!


So is it worth doing. Well yes, I think so. OK, it’s never going to make you rich but if you like multiple streams of income (let’s face it who doesn’t like making money?) then add this one into your portfolio.

Even if you don’t like taking surveys, the affiliate referral link can be lucrative if you know how to share it properly.

Like the sound of it? Feel free to Join YouGov via my referral link.. here!

Let me know how you get on…





Top UK MLM & Home Based businesses for 2016


MLM; love it or hate it. It’s still a viable business opportunity for those willing to dig deep for the opportunities.

This is a current 2016 list of some of the Home Based business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities available to residents in the UK.

I have not reviewed each business opportunity, and neither have I included any affiliate marketing links. Why? Firstly,  I am not affiliated to any of the companies listed; I just wanted to show those seeking a new opportunity what is currently available for the UK market. Secondly, I wanted to give you the reader, a chance to share your experiences (positive or negative) with these companies. So please, leave feedback!

If I’ve missed any MLM’s out that you think are worthy of a mention, leave me a message in the comments section.

In no particular order…

1) Avon  – Cosmetics – To join is £16 which is split over 2 campaigns (i.e. £10 from your first order and £6 from your second order).

2) Wikaniko -Green Cleaning Products –  Set up fee of £24.95 and a monthly website cost of £4.95

3) Herbalife – Health – Joining fee £37

4)The Utility Warehouse – Gas/phone/electric – Joining fee £100

5) Ann Summers Party Ambassador – Adult – Start kit £49

6) Younique – Beauty Products – Presenter kit £69

7) Arbonne – Cosmetics – Registration £17/ £11 renewals, 12 month term

8) The Pampered Chef – Kitchenware – Starter kit £110

9) Tupperware – Kitchenware – Joining fee £120

10) Phoenix Trading – Cards & Gift Wrap – Joining fee £35-£75

11) Body By VI Challenge – Health – 3 tier joining fee  £39 / £349/ £779

12) Kleeneze – Cleaning – Joining fee £149.97

14) Body Shop at Home – Beauty products – Start from £45

15)Nu Skin – Cosmetics – Joining fee £21.36

16) Jeunnesse Global – Beauty products – Start £

Your Feedback wanted!

80% Of People Feel Like They’re Stuck In A Rut.


As I was listening to the radio the other morning, the presenter announced that;

“80% of people feel like they’re stuck in a rut.”

Now, I don’t know where he was getting this figure from but it got me thinking; That’s a hell of a lot of dissatisfied people!
Looking back, I used to be in that 80%.
I was caught in the daily motion.
I’d get up at ridiculous o’clock, and commute in bumper to bumper in endless traffic. Haul myself into work with that feeling of dread. Only to spend my day with a bunch of people I didn’t particularly like. Where we had meetings about meetings. We filled out duplicitous paper work, for people to file away and never read. Always endlessly clock watching. Counting down the hours, minutes, until it was time to get back into my car, and drive home bumper to bumper in the never ending traffic! Haul myself into the house. Heating up last nights left over chili. Then slump in front of the TV, where I was barely fit to talk to my partner (who was in much the same state!) and watch some mind numbing crap until it was time to go back to bed, and do it all over again in the morning.

Rinse and repeat.

Rinse and repeat.
Then once a month, money would come into my bank account! Only for it to be direct debited back out the next day.

The cycle continued, month in month out, year in year out. Next thing you know a decade has gone by. Your waist band has increased, and your not quite sure who you really are anymore.
Yeah, I remember that 80% feeling!

Does this story seem all to familiar to you?

You know it doesn’t have to be this way?

For me something changed.

I had crossed over into the other 20%.

But how?

Where do you sit? Are you still in the 80% drudge, or have you moved into pastures  fresh and new?

Get Focused! How to Set & Achieve Any Goal You Want!

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some mental blocks. It was if I’d hit a wall, and I just couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. Somewhere along the way, I took my eye of my focus, hit a couple of failures. I was spiraling into self-doubt and becoming demotivated! Drastic action was needed!

I decided to go back to basics. I started a morning ritual of listening to motivation material. Redressing some of the great motivational and inspiration speakers; Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Esther Hicks, I was even listening to Oprah! (yikes!)

Then I found this video by John Assaraf. You may have watched John in Rhonda Byrnes film “The Secret”, he was the guy with the vision board.

I found John’s video to be a very useful tool, and it has helped me get back on track! I’d fallen foul of some limiting self- beliefs, and a few bad habits were starting to form around them! Yeah, I know it’s text book stuff. I was so busy working on my strategies and goals, that I’d let my basic mental house-keeping slip. A lesson for all of us: It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey towards you goals, every now and then we need to return to the basics.

I hope you too will find some value in John Assaraf’s videos.

Watch this clip and learn:

-How to attract the right people, money, resources and everything else you will need to achieve every goal you have

-Three Fundamental mistakes most people make when setting their goals and how to avoid them

-Why the biggest goals you have are still way too small

Click here to see Part 2 –


How do you get motivated? Feel free to share your tips and advice…

Top 26 UK MLM & Home Based Business Opportunites for 2015

UK MLM & home Based Business Opportunities 2015

UK MLM & home Based Business Opportunities 2015

This is a current list of Home Based business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities available to residents in the UK. As you can see, I can not reviewed each business opportunity and neither have I included any affiliate marketing links. Partly because I am not affiliated to any of the companies but primarily I just wanted to show those seeking a new opportunity what is currently available in the UK.

Home based businesses and MLM, are by no means get rich quick schemes. They are legitimate businesses that require hard work, focus and determination. The sad truth is the majority of people will fail at this opportunities. However, if you think you have the drive to crack sales and successfully lead a team, the benefits of MLM can be very lucrative indeed!

My advise to you before join any of these home businesses is to do your own research. When you finally settle on a MLM opportunity, make sure you find an good upline to sign-up to. A good sales leader will guide you through the sales process, offering you training and mentorship.

1) Avon  – Cosmetics – Joining fee £16

2) Wikaniko -Green Cleaning Products –  Joining fee £12.95

3) Herbalife – Health – Joining fee £37

4)The Utility Warehouse – Gas/phone/electric – Joining fee £100

5) Ann Summers – Adult – Joining fee TBA

6) Magnetix Wellness – Jewellry – Joining fee Free

7) Mannatech – Health & Wellness – Joining fee £185

8) Captain Tortue Group – Clothing – Joining fee £250

9) JM Ocean Avenue – Gel – Joining fee Free

10) Arbonne – Cosmetics – Joining fee £54

11) The Pampered Chef – Kitchenware – Joining fee £70

12) Oriflame – Cosmetics – Joining fee Free

13) Kleeneze – Cleaning – Joining fee £149.97

14) It Works! – Skin care – Joining fee

15) Mona Vie – Health – Joining fee TBA

16) Phoenix Trading – Cards & Gift Wrap – Joining fee £75- £200

17) Tupperware – Kitchenware – Joining fee £99

18) FG Xpress – Power Strips – Joining fee Free

19) Forever Living Products – Health – Joining fee Free

20) FM Group – Cosmetics – Joining fee Free

21) Jamie At Home – Kitchenware – TBA

22) Nu Skin – Cosmetics – Joining fee £21.36

23) PartyLite – Home Living – Joining fee TBA

24) Body By VI Challenge – Health – Joining fee TBA

25) Organo Gold – Coffee – Joining fee TBA

26) Team Ionic – Health – Joining fee TBA

Your Feedback wanted!

Do you belong to any of these companies? Have you had negative or positives experiences? If so, please leave a comment, I’d love to to hear your experiences!

Let’s find out how to make money online

Money – Wealth – Abundance – Law of Attraction – Positivity – Happiness

Is it possible to make a make money online?

This blog attempts to discover and explore the many ways that we can all learn how to make a residual/passive income from internet marketing.

I hope you join me on my journey as we learn how to make money online together 🙂